Phil White – Unplugged

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In Episode #107 of the LEO Training Podcast, I interview Phil White. 

Phil is an emmy-nominated writer and has co-authored the books UnPlugged, Waterman 2.0,  and Game Changer with Fergus Connolly. He is also a frequent contributor to The Inertia and SUP the Mag.

Unplugged will teach the reader the following:

Reading Unplugged will enable you to:

• Understand both the value and the limitations of technology in athletic performance, fitness, health, and lifestyle situations

• Know how and when to utilize physical activity technologies in your everyday life—and when not to

• Avoid the common mistakes that most people make with wearables and tracking apps

• Understand which technologies and tests are most effective and which are a waste of money

And much more!


Interview Topics:

  • Why is overdependence on fitness a problem?
  • Importance of self-regulation of training intensity and volume using wearable technology
  • The cost of “plugging in”
  • Why it is important to engineer discomfort in your life?
  • Top negative behaviors from technology
  • and more!

Show Notes: