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Ryan Turfrey is the Senior Strength Specialist at High Performance Sport New Zealand and the lead for Rowing New Zealand. In this interview Ryan and I discuss periodization across the calendar year. We also chat about how to individualize training for athletes at different age and experience levels.

Enjoy the episode!

Part 1 – Ryan’s background  and bio


Part 2 –  Rowing S&C 

  • Should we approach strength training differently for U19, U23/Senior, and Masters Rowers? Adaptive? Those with orthopedic issues?
  • Should rowers max test? If so, how often? Should they use VBT as an alternative or force plates?
  • Should strength training occur on the same day as intense workouts, or on UT2 days? Should strength training occur before, or after, other workouts? 
  • How long do you keep the S&C sessions, is 45-60’ an optimal time frame or shorter/longer?


Part 3 –  HP New Zealand S&C Training

  • What kind of evaluation or screen do they go through? How does that impact their program?
  • Overall role of S&C in the athlete’s program. How has it evolved over the years?
  • Is the athlete’s power profile taken into consideration when developing their program? Communication with sports medicine and physiology staff?
  • Bond and Murray shared they stopped doing S&C under Dick Tonks and did more rowing training. What’s Hamish up to now?

Show Notes: