LEO Training is proud to be an affiliate for the following companies.

I use their products in my own training and it is what I recommend to my students and clients as well. As an affiliate I make a small commission if you purchase a product after clicking the banner below.

This does not cost you any additional money.

The following is a list of equipment I use and recommend:

  • Perform Better Mini Bands (found on Perform Better and Amazon.com)
  • Indian Clubs (found on Perform Better)
  • Kettlebells (I own Perform Better and Kettlebells USA bells. However, I prefer the Kettlebells USA bells)
  • The Grid Foam Roller (found on Perform Better and Amazon.com)
  • Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor and Polar M400 Heart Rate Monitor
  • Concept 2 Rowing Machine (Amazon.com)

Product prices change frequently and some of the affiliates offer free shipping such as Amazon and Kettlebells USA. My recommendation is to look at each website and find the best deal on the day of purchase.

Here’s what to do.

1. Click the banner below.

2. Search for the equipment (using the product name in the list above) on the website.

3. Complete the Purchase