Matt Fleekop is a Strength & Conditioning Coach for Princeton University. Matt holds a  BS in Exercise Science and a Masters Degree in Applied Health Physiology. He has interned at Purdue University and EXOS and earned his masters degree while a  GA at Salisbury University.

Matt provides great insight into what goes into training multiple sports during the academic calendar. In addition, he helps to touch on how his athletes have been effected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Matt has worked with rowing, Men’s Lacrosse, Women’s Ice Hockey, Men’s Soccer, Men’s and Women’s Tennis and Football.


Part 1

  • 3-sport athlete (hockey, baseball, basketball)
  • Undergrad – Rowan University, continued playing ice hockey for 2 years
  • Interned at Purdue University after graduating
  • After Purdue, came home and started working as a personal trainer and interning at Endeavor Sport’s Performance
  •  Decided I wanted to keep pursuing a position in college; was offered a GA position at Salisbury University.
    • Earned a masters in Applied Health Physiology, specializing in Strength and Conditioning. 
  • Took another internship at EXOS in Frisco TX | 2015
  • I was the head strength coach at Rollins College. 1 assistant
      • 1.5 years
    • Responsible for 14 teams
  • Relationship with coaches is critical. Listening to their communication and verbs, cues. Leads to building relationship, trust, and the team.
    • Princeton University | 2017
    • Private vs. Collegiate/University
      • People are paying to work with you vs. being assigned a coach
  • Schedule
    • Private | 4-5 for 8-12 weeks
    • University | 5-6 weeks at a time
    • Maybe 2-3x a week and 1 hour at a time
    • Holiday breaks, midterms and finals, travel
    • How does training or training focus differ? 

Part 2

  • What physiological qualities and skills do you prioritize for incoming freshmen?
  • What are the fundamentals/basics every athlete should know and be able to do?
  • How do you overcome or work with athletes who do not have the S&C experience compared to the rest of their teammates
  • Challenges of NCAA calendar vs. EXOS environment?
  • Training In-Season Athletes
  • Work with Rowing Team; What did you prioritize for them?

Show Notes: