First, I hope this email finds you healthy and safe during this unprecedented time.

It has been a life changing month for all of us in the world. There is so much uncertainty at the moment and it is more important than ever that we prioritize some time for our mental and physical well-being everyday. Making our health a priority is something we all can still work on or even start to work on during this time.

I am starting off this month’s content round up with two free resources for all of you to get you going!

  • 🧘🏻‍♂️ Meditation | Headspace
  • 📚📹✍🏻Read and Watch | COVID-19 at Home Strength & Conditioning Program
    • I’ve outlined two programs – one with minimal equipment and a second with pure bodyweight to give you options and flexibility to train at home during this time. I hope this helps you stay active and gives you some options during the pandemic.
  • 📢Listen | Episode 117 | Peter Antonie: From Lightweight to Heavyweight
    • Peter Antonie is a legend in the sport of rowing. He is a Thomas Keller Medal winner and also won the LM1x in 1986 and the heavyweight M2x at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Peter has had the highest levels of success in the sport of rowing in two different weight classes!
  • 📢Listen | Episode 118 | Kate Bertko: From Heavyweight to Lightweight
    • Kate Bertko is the head coach of the Stanford Lightweight Women’s Program. Kate also spent the majority of her rowing career as a heavyweight and then competed at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games in the LW2x for the United States. Kate details how she transitioned and navigated this change as well as the lessons she has been able to use on the coaching front with her role at Stanford.
  • 📢Listen | Lightweight Series Episodes 114-118
    • All interviews from the lightweight series are conveniently available here. In case you missed the interviews with Eskild Ebbesen, Mads Rasmussen, and Juliane Rasmussen this will get you all caught up!

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Stay safe and healthy!

Very Best Wishes,