LT 105 | Meghan Musnicki – Dream Bigger, Fail Forward, and Live with Intent

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Meghan Musnicki is a two time Olympic Gold Medalist and 5x World Champion with the United States Rowing Team. Meghan shares her journey as a two sport athlete in basketball and soccer in middle school and high school to a walk on at Ithaca College.

Over the course of Meghan’s career in rowing she experienced a lot of success and made it to the podium as a key member of the Women’s Eight. However, what you will learn most about in this candid interview is the adversity and perseverance of overcoming failure and being cut from the team – more than once.

An excellent interview that provides insight into the challenges we face in sport and life.


Interview Topics:

  • How did playing basketball and soccer prepare you for rowing?
  • Racing/Rowing on US Team
    • Transition from College to US Team and making your first worlds team and being part of a historic run from 2010-2016.
    • From Riverside to Virginia to US Training Center and experience of being cut and picking yourself up again and again to move forward and propel yourself to success.
    • Let’s Discuss the “shift in momentum” during a race that you describe in your article “What You Don’t Know About Rowing”
    • What it means to “Dream Bigger, Fail Forward, and Live with Intent”
  • What do you recommend young junior athletes (high school) focus on for athletic development?
  • Should we specialize in sport early or play multiple sports?
  • Transition from full time athlete to full time coach and what you are currently doing
  • Questions from the audience…

Show Notes: