LT 100 | Dr. Carlo Varalda – Evaluating Movement & Power in Rowers

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This week’s guest is Dr. Carlo Varalda. Dr. Varalda is the Executive Director of NSCA Italy. He has worked with the Italian Rowing Federation and currently is working with the Italian Short Track Team in preparation for the Winter Olympics. His work focuses on research for the improvement of performance and methods for the assessment of athletes. He evaluates muscle, posture, and function. Dr. Varalda is convinced that there is still a lot to do in the sport and, more generally, in the movement for all age groups.

Interview Topics & Questions:

  • Carlo’s Education and Background (who you have worked with)
  • Movement Screening for Rowers | What do you evaluate and why?
  • How does the evaluation effect their cardiovascular training (rowing,erg) and strength training?
  • Has the data you have gathered from evaluations allowed you to reduce injuries and improve performance?


Show Notes: