LT 094 | Kevin Rail – Physical Education Culture

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In Episode 094 I sit down with Kevin Rail, an expert in physical education culture based out of Utah. He specializes in functional training, core training, three-dimensional movement, motivation and Restorative Arts. He has a B.S. in Sport Management/Fitness &Wellness, and is certified through ACSM, NASM and ACE. Kevin is a fitness coach featured in the upcoming documentary film The Motivation Factor by Doug Orchard Films.

Restorative Arts involves the use of classical training tools like Indian clubs, wands, meels and maces. All the movements are based off of circles, spirals and figure-eights. Kevin instructs on how to do these patterns and integrate the tools into your daily practice. Not only are they good for posture, flexibility, and injury correction and prevention, but they also help improve brain function.

Kevin and I cover some very though provoking topics from both a training perspective as well as a historical perspective. Here is what you will learn.


Interview Topics:

  • Intro/Background
  • Movement quality before adding volume and intensity
  • The use of various modalities
  • The Motivation Factor
  • Kevin’s thoughts on Abdominal work snf nutrition
  • Barefoot Training
  • and much more

Show Notes: