LT 090 | Brandon Hetzler – The New Language of Movement

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Brandon Hetzler is a Certified Athletic Trainer who serves as the Manager for Mercy Sports Medicine in Springfield, Missouri, where he oversees the Sports Medicine program as well as the Sports Performance program. He helped to develop the curriculum for and teaches in the Masters of Athletic Training degree at Missouri State University. He is a StrongFirst Senior Instructor, SFG II, SFB, and SFL and holds several additional credentials in multiple training disciplines.

Brandon is the co-creator of Movement Restoration, LLC and the Athletic Development Institute, LLC. He has written a book titled Movement Restoration, which proves anyone with enough free time and persistence can write a book. He teaches several workshops every year and when he is not traveling to teach, he spends his time trying to keep his wife, son, and dog in line and going strong.

Interview Topics:

  • Introduction/Education
  • Career as an Athletic Trainer
  • Working at Colorado Springs and at DartFish
  • Designing curriculum for ATC with his wife for Missouri State
  • Neurodevelopmental Sequence and Motor Control skill acquisition
  • Why you want to begin practice with the basics
  • Importance of establishing ROM benchmarks
  • Power Generation and power control
  • and much more!

Show Notes: