LT 089 | Brad Kearns – Primal Endurance

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My guest this week is Brad Kearns noted speaker, author and coach in the health & fitness world for over two decades. During his nine-year career as a triathlete, he was one of the world’s top ranked professionals, amassing 30 wins worldwide on the pro circuit. Career highlights include a remarkable streak of seven victories in a row, a world duathlon series championship, and two national triathlon championships and a #3 world ranking in 1991. Brad is the last American professional male in to place in the top-5 in the ITU World Championships (1992) and still holds the Hawaii Ironman 24&under age division American record at 8:57 (1989).

Brad currently works with health&fitness expert Mark Sisson on a comprehensive lifestyle movement called the Primal Blueprint. He is the President of Primal Blueprint Publishing, helped develop the Primal Health Coach certification program, has delivered nearly 30 Primal lifestyle seminars across the USA, and organized and presented at nine “PrimalCon” health and fitness retreats around the world from 2010-2014. He and Mark authored the 2016 release, Primal Endurance, a comprehensive guidebook on how to escape the carbohydrate-dependent, overly stressful conventional approach to training in favor of a healthier, stress-balanced, fat-adapted primal approach.

Interview Topics:

  • Intro and Background – From Accountant to Triathlon
  • Slow down to go faster – emphasize building an aerobic base and avoid chronic exercise patterns
  • How dietary modification can actually improve your endurance performance, making you more efficient at burning fat
  • Why the “struggle and suffer” approach to endurance training prevails despite everyone knowing better, and how to fix it
  • Cultivating a pure motivation for peak performance
  • Considerations for athletes as they age and transition out of professional sports to a “normal” lifestyle – this may be a good opportunity to discuss your blood work that you shared on your website.
  • Work with Running School and youth athletics
  • SpeedGolf

Show Notes: