LT 088 | Andrea U-Shi Chang – Ground Force Method

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Andrea U-Shi Chang, Master SFG Instructor, FMS Instructor, Ground Force Method Global Instructor, Z-Health Movement Coach, and advisory board member for R2P (Rehab 2 Performance), has specialized in movement training and kettlebell coaching since 2005.

In 2009 Andrea opened the Pacific Northwest’s first kettlebell gym—Kettlebility —her Russian Kettlebell Instruction and Elite Performance Coaching studio in Seattle. A successful high school and college athlete, Andrea had stayed active after college (she thought), playing competitive soccer and tennis and ‘working out.’ But she weighed in at 195 pounds and 34% body fat. Technically obese, she realized something had to change. After a childhood friend introduced Andrea to kettlebells she was amazed. Not only was kettlebell training fun and challenging, it was melting off the fat and giving her back her fit athlete body. In just five months, Andrea lost more than 45 pounds. Better yet, she went from 34% to 18% body fat and gained lean muscle mass. Hard style kettlebells had literally changed her life.

Andrea has been featured in Oprah Magazine and local broadcast and print media. She has worked as a technical advisor on several training and fitness books and edited and co-authored the Ground Force Movement Instructor manual. In 2016 the Seattle Seahawks hired Andrea to set up their Functional Movement Systems (FMS) screening program for players. An early member of the instructor staff of kettlebell pioneer Pavel Tsatsouline, Andrea became editor of Pavel’s online newsletter and authored several articles in StrongFirst and Dragon Door.On a never-ending quest to follow her passion and learn more about strength and movement, Andrea continues to study to refine her knowledge and become a more effective coach. Andrea travels globally as a certification instructor for StrongFirst, Ground Force Method, and FMS. She holds specialty workshops, instructor certifications and group classes and provides personal training for elite athletes and people from all walks of life at her studio, Kettlebility.

Interview Topics:

  • Intro/Bio
  • Andrea’s Journey to kettlebells
  • Training for the TSC
  • Building a community and how the TSC can help
  • The devotion to skill and practice
  • Testing standards and progressions to participate in classes at kettlebility
  • Ground Force Method
  • Why GFE is an assessment and how instructors can use this to scale their class to any ability level and age group.
  • Training recommendations for the half bodyweight press (SFG II Strength Standard)
  • and much more!

Show Notes: