LT 087 | Jim Klopman – Balance is Power

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Jim is a lifelong innovator who has always been one of those people who thinks differently. He believes balance training has sharpened his ability to make new neural connections and see the possibilities and pathways that others miss.

Originally Jim was looking for a way to maintain his own athletic performance well into his 90s. But the Slackbow Balance Training System he developed turned out to be a key to whole body and mind fitness that was even more revolutionary than he could have imagined.

He is eager to spread his knowledge, techniques and tools far and wide to help seekers like him tune their brains to perform better in work and sports, sleep better, look younger and live longer.

Interview Topics:

  • Intro/Jim’s background
  • Studies on the SlackBow
  • How’s training done on the SlackBow
  • Why improvements in balance are transferable to greater opportunities for high performance
  • The four causes of balance loss
  • Statistics on death and injury from falling (loss of balance)

Show Notes: