LT 074 | Sam Loch – The Watt Farm

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This week’s podcast guest is Sam Loch.  Sam is a returning guest and I had him on just over a year ago in Episode 018 – Hybrid Barbarian Training.

Sam has made some incredible progress over the last year in his training – both in the gym and on the Concept 2 Indoor Rower. Sam has deadlifted over 600 pounds and set two world records on the Concept 2. He holds the record for 1 minute and 1000 meters respectively on the Concept 2 Ergometer. He has also launched the Watt Farm, his online coaching business.


In this interview Sam and I catch up over the past year and he opens up about his current goal, the pursuit of the 500 meter world record on the Concept 2 Ergometer.

Here’s what you will learn in this interview:

  • Sam’s progress and updates over the last year
  • Setting two world records and deadlifting over 600 pounds
  • “How much you can adapt to, not how much you can do”
  • Why Sam prioritizes strength work first and then focuses on his Concept 2 Ergometer training
  • The importance of visualization
  • Why 2 sessions a day cuts recovery time
  • The stimulus the higher drag factor provides
  • Trying to make race pace feel as easy as possible
  • “Technique is the way forward”
  • and much more!


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Show Notes:

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The Watt Farm

Sam’s World Records on Concept 2

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