LT 073 | Dr. Carol Addy – Long-term Health and Weight Loss Management

This week’s guest is Dr. Carol Addy, Chief Medical Officer for HMR Weight Management Services Corporation.

Dr. Addy is a physician executive who has served as a champion of wellness for over 30 years. Her professional experience has permitted her the opportunity to share her passion for lifestyle and to optimize outcomes for individuals and populations using an evidence-based, data-driven approach.

As a former professional cyclist and health and fitness spokesperson, she gained an appreciation of the health benefits of physical activity and proper nutrition, and, as an internist/endocrinologist, she shared this knowledge with her patients as a powerful and cost-effective means of disease prevention and as an adjunct to cardiometabolic disease treatment.

More recently, Dr. Addy accepted the position of Chief Medical Officer at HMR Weight Management Services, Corp., a fully owned subsidiary of Merck. In this role she is responsible for providing medical oversight and subject matter expertise for the delivery of lifestyle-based, behavioral interventions for weight loss and long-term weight management. Given her strong background as a physician/scientist, she maintains a strong interest in research and seek opportunities for collaboration in data analytics and outcomes research. She has considerable experience speaking and presenting at conferences and meetings, as well as interacting with C-suite executives to make the business case for health.

In this interview we discuss:

  • Dr. Addy’s background
  • Current role at HMR
  • Background as a pro cyclist and kettlebell sport athlete
  • How she has been known to write prescriptions for exercise vs. drugs.
  • Why weight loss and weight management is about lifestyle and choices
  • Developing good habits and behavior around diet and exercise
  • and much more!

Show Notes: