LT 072 | Drew Ginn – Will it make the boat go faster?

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This week my guest is Drew Ginn. Drew Ginn is a legend in the sport of rowing and I am absolutely honored to have had the opportunity to sit down and speak with him. Here is what prompted this interview. I had recently read the book “The Kiwi Pair: The Story Behind Our World-Beating Rowers” by Hamish Bond and Eric Murray. In their book they discuss how they came across a video Drew Ginn had posted on his blog, Rudderfish. The title of the video was “Will it make the boat go faster?” and in it Drew shares some of his thoughts on what he had been taught by coaches and what he felt truly translated into greater boat speed. (I highly encourage you to watch the YouTube video to give you some proper background to this podcast interview).

After watching this video I reached out to Drew personally and asked him if he be gracious enough to be a guest on the podcast.

Here are some of the career accomplishments Drew has achieved in the sport of rowing:


  • 2012 London: Men’s Coxless Fours – Silver
  • 2008 Beijing: Men’s Coxless Pairs – Gold
  • 2004 Athens: Men’s Coxless Pairs – Gold
  • 1996 Atlanta: Men’s Coxless Fours – Gold


  • 2011 World Championships Coxless Fours: Bronze
  • 2007 World Championships Coxless Pairs: Gold
  • 2006 World Championships: Gold
  • 2003 World Championships: Gold
  • 2002 World Championships: Fourth
  • 1999 World Championships: Gold
  • 1998 World Championships: Silver
  • 1998 World Championships Coxed Four: Gold
  • 1997 World Championships Men’s Eight: Bronze
  • 1995 World Championships: Eleventh
  • 1995 European Championships: Fourth
  • 1996 European Championships Coxless Fours: Silver
  • 1995 World Championships: Fifth
  • 1995 European Championships: Ninth


  • Thomas Keller Recipient – 2014
  • Crew of the Year – 2003
  • Australian Sports Medal – 2000
  • Order of Australia Medal OAM – 1997


 Interview Topics:

  • Drew’s background in sport and what he is currently doing
  • Why he recorded the video “Will it make the boat go faster?”
  • Drew’s thoughts on rowing technique and how this differs from traditional thoughts on technique
  • Bungee cord rowing and its value
  • His back injuries and how he rehabbed them
  • Drew’s thoughts on strength and conditioning and what he did early in his career vs. end of his career and what worked best
  • Improving movement and skill on land to reinforce good technique and boat speed on the water
  • and much more!

Show Notes: