LT 071 | Jon Engum – Flexible Steel

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My guest this week is Jon Engum. Jon Engum is a 7th Dan Kukkiwon Certified Taekwondo Grandmaster and holds Master rank in Hapkido and Kumdo.

He is the author of Flexible Steel, Creator and Chief Instructor of the Flexible Steel system, owner of Jon Engum’s Extreme Training, Engum’s Academy of Taekwondo and  a StrongFirst Master Instructor who teaches workshops, courses and certifications worldwide.

Jon and I catch up after I recently attended the Flexible Steel Level I Seminar in New York City.

 Interview Topics:

  • Jon’s background in martial arts and roots in kettlebell training
  • Why he started Flexible Steel
  • How Flexible Steel is different
  • The 3 S’s
  • My experience using Flexible Steel post workshop during a training session and my results
  • Handstand Pushups–> Military Press
  • Single Arm Clean & Jerk for MMA Fighters
  • and much more!

Show Notes: