LT 070 | Dr. Evan Johnson | Science Mythbusting

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My guest this week is Dr. Evan Johnson, Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology in the Department of Kinesiology and Health at the University of Wyoming. Dr.  Evan Johnson focuses his research interests on the physiological mechanisms and overall health benefits related to optimal hydration, physical activity, and heat exposure. Dr. Johnson earned his B.A. at The George Washington University, his M.A. and Ph.D from the University of Connecticut. In this interview we take a hard look at some of the scientific literature out there around some key topics that have been getting a lot of in the last several years. This is a great opportunity to look beyond some of the marketing that companies and products put forward and have a better grasp on the science. Check out the topics below to see what we discussed.

Interview Topics:

  • Dr. Johnson’s Career and focus for his coursework
  • What prompted us to have this podcast (my Instagram post on grip strength)
  • His research on hydration
  • Wearable technology for weight loss
  • The altitude mask
  • and much more

Show Notes: