LT 062 | Dr. Fiona Wilson – Low Back Injuries In Rowing

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This week’s guest is Dr. Fiona Wilson. Dr. Fiona Wilson is a chartered physiotherapist with over 25 years of postgraduate experience. She is the former Chief physiotherapist for Rowing Ireland with a particular interest in low back pain and injuries in rowing. She is a regular contributor to and has authored a few articles in the past year regarding low back injury mechanisms and rehabilitation.


Here is what you will learn in this interview:

  • Fiona Wilson’s Background
  • Potential Pain triggers and injury mechanisms
  • Cyclical loading of tissues
  • FAI (Femoral Acetabular Impingement Sydrome)
  • Why there is a disconnect with the research and high performance in the sport
  • Understanding fatigue and how this changes posture and results in moving from the low back vs. the hips
  • and much more!

Show Notes: