LT 058 | Bryan Volpenhein – From Walk on to Olympic Champion

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US Rowing Men’s Head Coach and Olympic Gold Medalist is this week’s guest on the LEO Training Podcast. Bryan Volpenhein is a three-time Olympian and 2004 gold medalist in the men’s eight. He is responsible for the men’s high performance sweep squad and works to develop, select and prepare the team for international competition.

In this interview Bryan and I discuss rowing from multiple angles – both that of an athlete and a coach. This is a fascinating look into the spectrum of his experience as a collegiate walk on to Olympic Champion.

Here is what you will learn in this episode:

  • How Bryan got started with rowing at The Ohio State University
  • Club Rowing Teams and how they are different
  • Transitioning onto the National Team
  • Discussing the elimination of freshmen rowing and the impact on the sport
  • Individualized Training in a Team Environment
  • Why Communication is one of the most important elements to coaching
  • Having patience and not setting barriers for yourself and how this relates to performance
  • Food!
  • 4 things everyone should know how to do when cooking.
  • and much more!

                                               Bryan with his son Otto.

Show Notes: