LT 056 | John Harrison – Weight Loss through Unconventional Training

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John Harrison has an amazing story to share and I was thrilled to have him on my podcast. He is a father of four children. By the time John turned 30 years old he was over 300 pounds. At 41 he is now at 200 pounds. John lost well over 60 pounds through unconventional training methods including kettlebell training, mace swinging, sandbags and others.

John is an SFG I through StrongFirst and a licensed massage therapist through the Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy. John shares his road to health and fitness and how he has successfully lost his weight. He also shares his approach to working with his students and clients by incorporating the Functional Movement Screen, soft tissue work, and strength training to really provide a totally integrated approach.

Here is what you will learn in this episode:

  • Intro/background
  • Success with convention methods of weight loss (running, elliptical, etc.)
  • How unconventional training methods of weight loss (kettlebell, mace, sandbag) made the difference.
  • Journey from HKC to SFG and pursuing massage therapy
  • Integrating FMS, massage therapy, and strength training into student’s training sessions
  • Rik Brown (Mr. Maceman)
  • Don Giardafino
  • and much more

On the left, John at age 30 and 300 pounds. On the right, John at age 41 and 200 pounds.

Show Notes: