LT 055 | Mark Reifkind – The Lost Art of Training

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Today’s guest is a legend in the strength and conditioning community. Mark Reifkind has been training and coaching for 40 years! He has been an outstanding athlete in multiple sports including gymnastics, powerlifting, bodybuilding, ultra-running and is well known around the world in the kettlebell community.

Mark first started working with kettlebells in 1998 around the same time Pavel Tsatsouline is credited with bringing them to the west. He started the first kettlebell gym in the United States,  Girya Strength in 2003. Mark has also rehabbed from some serious injuries including a complete knee replacement and shoulder injury during his gymnastics career.

Here is what you will learn in this exclusive interview:

  • Mark’s athletic background across multiple sports as both an athlete and coach
  • His shoulder and knee injuries and how he rehabbed them
  • His presentation on total knee replacement
  • Sarcopenia – muscle mass loss as you age
  • The Lost Art of Training
  • Important bio-markers for strength and health as you age
  • His return to StrongFirst
  • and much more

Show Notes: