LT 052 | Jack Carlson – Rowing Blazers

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In Episode 052 of the LEO Training Podcast I interview Jack Carlson. Jack is an entrepreneur and international coxswain. Jack is a three-time member of the United States rowing team and a World Championships bronze medalist; he has won at Henley Royal Regatta, the Head of the Charles Regatta, and Royal Canadian Henley Regatta. Jack has trained under coaches Henry Bailhache-Webb and Richard Spratley at Oxford Brookes Boat Club, a High Performance Centre for the British team and, along with Leander Club, one of Great Britain’s two most successful rowing clubs.  In North American competition and U.S. trials, Jack is proud to represent the New York Athletic Club – the spiritual home of elite amateur sport in the United States. In 2014 Jack published the book Rowing Blazers which is now available for sale.

Here is what you will learn in this episode:


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