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In Episode 051 of the LEO Training Podcast I sit down with Dr. Tim Simansky. Dr. Tim Simansky is an international lecturer, entrepreneur, strength coach, and sports chiropractor. He is most notably known for his involvement in the functional fitness community where he has made a niche in the rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance enhancement of functional fitness athletes.

Dr. Simansky has been a member of the CrossFit Games Athlete Services at both the Regional and Games level since 2012. He has acted as the East Regional co-director of Athlete Services since 2015.

Aside from his physical participation in CrossFit Dr. Simansky maintains a constant virtual presence as the founder of Through his involvement in WODdoc Dr. Simansky has been honored with the opportunity to lecture both nationally and internationally.

Here are some of the topics we discuss:

  • Dr. Simansky’s background and education
  • How did WODDdoc get started?
  • The most common injuries Dr. Simansky sees
  • Common rowing injuries in crossfit
  • Movement Summit & RockTape
  • Pop up clinic in Kuwait
  • The Injury Lottery
  • “The only worthless knowledge, is the knowledge you don’t share.”
  • Sara Hendershot, Rowficcient and rowing in Crossfit


P365 Episode 847: Perfect Rower Setup With Olympian Sara Hendershot of @rowfficient. This is just one tip of many given in the video. Watch the video in full length at Also keep an eye out for this 3 part series on rowing. Special thanks to @sarahendershot for joining me in this series. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• . WODDoc: The place where athletes go to fix their broken down WODs. Follow on IG and Facebook. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and make sure to visit .. And don’t forget … The only worthless knowledge is the knowledge that you don’t share.. Share the wealth!!! #woddoc #project365 #everydamnday #crossfit #fitness #athlete #technique #mobility #nutrition #theopen #health #recovery #rehab #selffix #foamroll #mobilityfloss #floss #rocktapelife #rocktaperevolution #crossfitgames #games2016 @weareallsmith #WAAS #instafit #broscience @niketraining #metcon2 #culture #help #rowing #erg #olympian

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