LT 046 | Mark Allen – Taming the Mind

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Mark Allen is a 6x Ironman World Champion and was the first person to ever win the ITU Olympic Distance World Champion in 1989 in Avignon France. He is also a 10-Time Undefeated Champion of the Nice International Triathlon to name a few of his historic racing accomplishments. In 2012 he was voted “The Greatest Endurance Athlete of All Time” in a worldwide poll conducted by ESPN.

Mark trained and competed during an era where technology was not as prevalent as it is today. Smartphones did not exist yet and heart rate monitor technology was still in its infancy. Equipment and gear was also very different compared to today’s carbon fiber frames used for triathlon bikes as well as the actual gear worn by the athletes.

Mark details two of his greatest races and what he was going through mentally and emotionally during his 1989 race against Dave Scott and in 1995 when he made up 13.5 minutes to win his final Ironman World Championship at the age of 37. We spend a large portion of this interview discussing the importance of the mental side to training and racing.

Here is what you will learn in this interview:

  • Mark’s collegiate career as a swimmer and what sparked his interest in triathlon
  • Training in an era where technology was not as widely available as it is today
  • The importance of developing an aerobic foundation and being able to race aerobically
  • Why strength training is critical for endurance athletes
  • Dealing with the noise in your mind when training and racing and how to “quiet your mind”
  • Fit Soul Fit Body
  • Brant Secunda
  • Timothy Noakes
  • Approaching training as a practice
  • The Art of Competition and specific quotes

Show Notes: