LT 039 | Chris Blyth – LIFT Session

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In Episode 039 of the LEO Training Podcast I interview LIFT CEO Chris Blyth. Chris sits down and takes us through his career as a personal trainer and how he came identified some problems in the health and industry that LIFT is addressing. This is a great look into how the advent of technology is helping trainers reach clients in new and exciting ways but also providing a platform that utilizes current technology to provide a better teaching and learning experience for students and trainers.

Here is what you will learn in this episode:

  • Chris’s journey from trainer to entrepreneur
  • Some of the problems that trainers typically face due to clients and fluctuations in business during the seasons
  • What is LIFT?
  • How can LIFT be an alternative source of income for trainers?
  • What makes LIFT different than other platforms out there and how can it help students/clients learn proper and safe lifting technique effectively?
  • How the experience works for trainers and students/clients?
  • and much more!

Show Notes:

LIFT Session (Website)

LIFT Session (Facebook)