LT 038 | Dan Mahoney – Life After Baseball

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In Episode 038 of the LEO Training Podcast I interview my good friend Dan Mahoney. Dan was a former professional baseball player who has transitioned from being an athlete to a trainer. Dan shares his story of being a pitcher and experiencing the Tommy John Injury and Surgery. Dan is also an RKC II,  and NASM-CPT. This is a fantastic episode for high school and college athletes as well as trainers and parents! Here’s what you will learn:

  • Dan’s background as a baseball player
  • Being drafted at UConn
  • Examining pitching mechanics
  • Listening to the warning signs
  • Suffering a career ending injury (Tommy John)
  • Becoming a trainer and finding kettlebells
  • The importance of playing more than one sport
  • Thoughts on training rotation for rotational athletes
  • and much more!

Show Notes:

Mahoney Performance Training (Website)

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Mahoney Performance Training (Facebook)