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In Episode 033 of the LEO Training Podcast I interview StrongFirst Team Leader, Martine Kerr. Martine holds a variety of certifications and has been in the industry for over 20 years. Her background is in marketing and she also holds an MBA! Martine has an incredible gift as a technical coach as well as utilizing social media to help communicate and teach the world about safe and proper kettlebell instruction.

Martine holds certifications from the following organizations StrongFirst Team Leader (SFG TL), StrongFirst Bodyweight Instructor (SFB), CK-FMS, Yoga Tune Up ® Instructor, Flexible Steel Specialist Instructor, Ground Force Method National Instructor, RKC, WCO Levels 1 & 2, CrossFIT Level 1 + Mobility + Kettlebell Trainer, TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional, TRX, TRX Sports Medicine, Vinyasa Yoga, ACE Group Fitness, REPS, MBA.

Check out some awesome examples of Martine’s @kult_fitness Instagram posts below:

Squatty KB Swing Fix

#tbt on KETTLEBELL SWINGS in honor of last night’s new student whose quads are always the first to arrive at a party and want to take over everything. That’s why she feels swings more in her quads than her posterior chain. You too? Well chances are you are trying to squat & lift UP rather than hinge & project FORWARD. Here’s a good self-limiting DIY coaching tool…an obstacle. Large disposable water bottles, a stack of yoga blocks (I place those between a student’s feet after their first swing) or even a huge balloon filled with water. The simple cue “don’t hit the object” is an amazing fixer. Note that if you are using a bench, keep the KB light to dampen the startle effect if it does hit. A 90s inspired aerobic step is perfect (tho less fun than a water balloon…bring a raincoat.) #kettlebells #kultquicktips #kettlebelltips #kettlebellswings #kettlebelltraining #strongfirst #uaefitness #uaefitnessmovement #uaekettlebellmovement #dubai #dubaifitness #dubaifitnessmovement #personaltrainer #strength #fittips #movement #fitness

A video posted by Martine Kerr, StrongFirst TL (@kult_fitness) on

Control your Roll Down (in the Turkish Get Up_

***REVISED. Happy Thursday! In today’s #tbt I revisit probably the most effective cue that virtually eliminates shoulder shrugging on the way down to the ground in your #TGU (more effective than saying ‘stop it’). How your hand is placed on the ground directly impacts the direction your elbow can bend in. Fingers facing backwards is often how we finish the floor sweep back down. But as I show in the video, there isn’t any leeway on coming down safely without shrugging. How to fix? With a turn of the fingers towards your toes. Now your elbow easily bends behind you so you have ZERO excuse to lose your shoulder packing while you control your descent. REVISION: So one of my respected colleagues pointed out that not everyone has the shoulder mobility to execute this little hand twist well. And he feels it unsafe, at least with the limited context I could give in social media. Point taken and I’ll commit to giving more complete explanations. It is also true that sitting your butt too far away from your hand (sliding into home plate) makes a safe hand twist near impossible (why I don’t teach that). I still stand that done right (with the ability to dissociate hand rotation from automatic shoulder rotation so the shoulder stays corkscrewed in external rotation) this maneuver has worked very well with the students I have coached. Remember the TGU kickthru video I posted with ‘limes’? That’s the feeling of armpit connection you want. #Strongfirst #kettlebell #kettlebelltraining #kettlebellexcercises #kettlebelltips #getstrong #girlswholift #strongchicks #personaltrainer #trainlikeagirl #strength #movement #training #fitness #health #movebetter #strengthisanattitude #dubaikettlebells #dubaifitness #lift #fittips #mobility #kultquicktips #fitspo #fitfam #instafit #summer2016

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Here is what you will learn in this episode:

  • Martine’s background in marketing/business and transitioning into health/fitness
  • Being involved in ice hockey, dance, and gymnastics as a youth and how that shaped her
  • What it’s like being a native of Canada and living/working in Dubai
  • Why you DO Not Need a Gym!
  • Her work with hockey players
  • How the video angle really effects the presentation of a technique/skill/lift on social media
  • Why it is so important to know your brand and your audience.
  • The content strategy Martine employs: 70% value/20% personality / 10% promotion
  • Why “Nobody Owns Fitness”
  • Martine’s current project she is working on!
  • and much more!

Show Notes:

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