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We are back with Episode 015 of the LEO Training Podcast! Today’s guest is my good friend Jen Meehan. Jen and I met at my StrongFirst Level I Certification in August 2015. She was one of the assistant instructors who was part of Team Summers. Jen was also the first instructor I reached out to who helped me prepare for the StrongFirst Bodyweight Certification that I recently attended and has helped me a ton in my training and preparation. So a very big Thank You to Jen!

Now, this episode is the first of a 3 part mini series I am doing in honor of Mother’s Day! Jen is my first guest so let me take a moment to tell you a little bit more about her:

Jen is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals and works with clients of all levels to improve their strength and move better! She encourages her students to train with purpose and to train for life! In 2009, Jen earned her RKC level 1 instructor certification and became a Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist in 2010. She was an assistant Team Leader at RKC Level 1 in May 2012. In September 2013, Jen attended StrongFirst Level 2 in Philadelphia and earned both her level 1 and level 2 certifications. Jen is also a certified Youth Fitness Specialist and is committed to continuing education by attending workshops and training for certifications. Jen assisted at the SFG Level 1 in Boston in August of 2015 in which she became the 9th woman to accomplish the Iron Maiden. For those that don’t know the Iron Maiden is a title given to a woman who accomplishes the feat of doing a strict military press, pistol squat, and tactical pull up – all with a 24kg kettlebell. Jen is also a StrongFirst Bodyweight Instructor.

In addition to her certifications, Jen is a former Division 1 cross country and track athlete and has her Masters degree in Elementary Education. She volunteers her time to Saint Mary’s Catholic School by coaching the Cross Country team. Jen is also a busy mom of three wonderful kids! Let’s roll to Episode 015 Training for life with Jen Meehan.

Here’s what you will learn in this episode:

  • Jen’s background as a D-1 cross country and track athlete
  • Her journey from a life long runner to strength coach
  • Overcoming a herniated disc
  • How kettlebells helped her continue to recover from her injury and regain her health
  • Why quality movement patterns are the foundation for strength and everything else!
  • Regress to Progress
  • Why you should stop your training session if something is ‘off’
  • Shifting the mindset of working out to “practice” and “training”
  • Balancing being a small business owner and mother of 3 kids!
  • and much more!

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