Kyra Edwards has raced for Great Britain at the junior, U23 and senior levels, and has won junior silver and U23 bronze World Championships medals. She has a degree in statistics from UCLA and is training for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games. In this interview, Kyra and I discuss the similarities and differences between the United States collegiate system and the Great Britain Rowing Team. We also discuss how to improve diversity and inclusivity in the sport of rowing and her experiences as a Black mixed heritage athlete in a sport dominated by whites.

Part 1  – Rowing Culture

  • Differences in culture and rowing experience in GB and US Collegiate System
  • Degree in Statistics and what you would like to pursue post rowing career
  • Science of Rowing

Part 2 – Creating more accessibility and diversity in rowing

  • Creating more pathways and accessibility to the sport across the world. How do we do it?
  • We have seen greater awareness and resources (financial, people) put into place to promote more opportunity and diversity. What’s the next step in your opinion?

Show Notes: