Integrating 10/20/Life Principles into my training 

A few weeks ago I published an interview with powerlifter Brian Carroll. We discussed the recent release of the 2nd edition of his book, 10/20/Life.

If you are interested here is a review of the book I wrote.

Bottom line: The book had a huge impact on me. Such a big impact that I’ve changed the way I am writing the periodization programming for myself and my clients.

Traditionally, I would write programs with three weeks of training and the fourth week would be a programmed de-load week. Moving forward I am now doing two weeks of training and the 3rd week will be a programmed de-load week. The reasoning behind this comes largely from Brian’s book and his experience. After reviewing his training logs and his athletes logs they found a correlation between less injuries and better performance when they de-loaded in the 3rd week. To quote Brian ” Your programming rest before you ever need it. Thus avoiding the heavy cumulative fatigue usually felt in the third week of a four week cycle. The de-load week is not ‘off” though.

During this week I am also integrating Brian’s 10/20/Life philosophy and adding in assistance exercises and weak point exercises to enhance my main lift or goal and to address my personal weaknesses. Currently, my goal is a half bodyweight military press for the StrongFirst Level II Kettlebell Certification. For me that is a 1 RM with a 44kg (97lbs) bell.

My weak points are improving anti-lateral flexion, anti-extension as well as core stiffness and overall abdominal endurance and strength.  Right now the next step is to press the 40kg bell for a single. Here is the program I’ve designed that I believe will get me there.

Below are two files:

I plan to continue to share my progress on this journey to the half bodyweight military press. I look forward to your feedback and thoughts. Please leave your comments below.

Thank you.