In this podcast interview Dr. Bryan Mann discusses the history, science, and application of pliometrics. Pliometrics or more commonly known as plyometrics was developed by Dr. Yuri. Verkoshansky. 

This podcast explains how the name was quite literally, “lost in translation”. 

Dr. Mann will also discuss applications and some research studies around pliometrics. I highly recommend viewing the video version of this interview as it includes some slides from Dr. Mann.

Enjoy the show!

Part 1 – History

  • Shock Method
    • Includes Shock Method and Depth Jump
    • Developed in 1960’s by Yuri Verkhoshansky

Part 2  – Science and Application

  • Pliometric
    • Termed this in 1930’s due to increased muscle tension
    • In 1938 Hubbard and Stetson introduced the term “pliometric” due to recognition of three different contractions the muscles underwent: miometric (shorter), isometric (same), and pliometric (longer)
  • Frog Study in 1968

Show Notes: