I hope 2020 is off to a great start for you!

I am kicking off the year with a new format for the newsletter. Twice a month I’ll send you an email. The first email will contain links to content, resources, and other media that I’ve recently learned from and want to share with you hopefully provide value in your life and in your training.

The second email will be a ‘content roundup’ of all the content I’ve created over the past month.

Before we get to the resources below, I am going to share something that I am doing differently this year.

Over the last 5+ years I usually sit down and review my goals for the year. Some goals I achieve, some I fall short on due to lack of time or simply being overambitious with how much I think I can get done.

No matter how much I accomplish, somehow I usually end up feeling disappointed or left with a feeling of “I haven’t done enough”.

This is the first year that I can remember where I haven’t set a goal for the year.

Instead what I did was review how I was spending my time each day.

I asked myself the following questions: Where did I waste time? What time of day was my most productive to complete work? What activities did I not enjoy but spent a lot of time on? What did I enjoy doing but simply didn’t have enough time for?

I then set up a simple morning routine to set up my day and a few weekly habits to keep me on target with my career aspirations and focusing on the areas I can provide the most value in and I enjoy. I eliminated almost all of the areas that sucked up time and didn’t provide fulfillment.

Here’s how 2020 is going so far after I set my new habits.

  • Morning Routine: Wake up. Feed the cats and brew coffee, then meditation and journal.
  • I have utilized the Screen Time function in my Settings App to set a timer on social media apps on my smartphone to cut down my time on my phone and gain back time I am wasting. <20 Minutes a Day is the Goal.
  • I read at least 10 pages everyday and usually more on weekends. So far I’ve already read 2 books in the last six weeks. Presidents of War and A Well Paid Slave and I am on my third right now, Conquerors.

Here are the three resources I recommend for this month with a little bit of insight from myself.

  • 📚Read | Mind Games by Annie Vernon
    • This was a great book with plenty of insight into the ‘day to day’ thoughts of being an athlete and how they manage the routine of training over years and years. Stay tuned for the podcast I did with Annie later this month!
  • 📢Listen | Atomic Habits by James Clear
    • This book helped me reframe how I was spending my days. I’ve adjusted some of my thoughts to forming long term sustainable habits that allow for consistency vs. goals that require a lot of energy and time. I especially enjoyed the audible version and hearing James Clear read the text. His delivery and command was excellent.
  • 🎥Watch | The Drive Extended : Strength & Conditioning with David Young of Rowing Australia
    • This video provides a great framework of strength and conditioning for rowers. I am working on setting up a podcast interview with David. Stay tuned! 🙂

That’s all for this resource newsletter! Let me know what you think of the new format.

Very Best Wishes,

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