I hope this email finds you safe and well.

Two positive aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic are:

  1. Reconnecting with family and friends
  2. Giving back

I’ve made an effort to have video calls with friends, family, and individuals I haven’t spoken to in many years. It’s been a wonderful boost during these challenging times and something simple to do while social distancing and trying to remain connected to each other.

It’s been truly amazing to see many individuals giving back right now in many ways. We have tried to find ways to continue to support our healthcare workers and local businesses during this time.

Throughout the pandemic, I will be hosting a free thirty minute regeneration session on Sunday mornings through Zoom. It will be focused on flexibility and movement. The goal is simple – to connect with all of you and leave you feeling energetic. If you are interested just reply back to this email and let me know.

Now, here are some great resources that will help stimulate your mind, get you moving (if you need that), and step back and recharge.

This month’s resources:

📚 Book | The Movement of Rowing: Self-Screening Strategies & Solutions for the Ankle (Ebook)

  • This is an excellent resource from my colleague Blake Gourley for rowing coaches, s&c coaches, rowers and clinicians. Blake has put the time in to provide you with hard numbers about what degree of ankle range of motion you need, how it relates to movement in the boat and the erg, and how this ties into performance and injury prevention. I’ve already picked up my copy and I am reading through it.

📚📹 Read and Watch Two webinars from Will Ruth of Rowing Stronger

  • Will provides his recommendations on minimalist training during the pandemic. The second webinar focuses on “building the back, sparing the spine”. One talk to get you moving and the second to stimulate your mind.

📚 Article | Increasing Social Connection while “Social Distancing”

  • One of my GWU classmates, Alicea Lieberman, is completing her PhD on Behavioral Science co-wrote this article. It’s a relevant and important read for us all so we better understand the impact of how we consume media and information has a direct effect on our well-being and health.

Stay safe and healthy!

Very Best Wishes,