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Giovanni Calabrese has a phenomenal background and story in rowing. He began competing as a lightweight – had great success at that weight class and transitioned to being a heavyweight. His career culminated in world championships in two different weight classes and an bronze medal at the Sydney Olympics. Giovanni continues to coach and develop young rowers.

Enjoy the interview!

Part 1 – Intro/Background

  • How did you get started with rowing
  • First success came as a lightweight
    • How many years did you compete as a lightweight
    • Won LM2x at World Championships in 1987 in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Moved to heavyweight and began competing in M1x and M4x
  • Seoul Olympics in 1988
    • Achieved great result in m1x
    • Raced in Lucerne in M4x
    • Went with Agostino Abbagnale in m4x
    • M1x finished 10th
  • Won silver in M4x in 1989
  • Took  off 91 and 92?
  • 1993 5th in m1x
  • 1994 4th in m1x
  • 1995 4th in m1x
  • 1996 Olympics
    • 17th in Atlanta
    • Virus in spring of 1996; no training for 1 month
    • Recovery took a very long time
  • Won Worlds in M4x in 1997
  • 1998 – Back in m1x; well prepared to train; raced waddell in heat; 4th position in final B
  • 1999 – Moved to Sicily and began to coach
    • In September 1999 came to return to rowing and go to olympic games
    • Giovanni took the mindset to “Train for me and myself” and training like that everyday was the last day!
  • Culmination in 2000 winning a bronze medal at Sydney in M2x
    • 1st race in m2x was the heat at sydney
    • Stay as close to Slovenia as possible
    • Changed clubs in 2000 and started coaching there

Part 2 – Coaching

  • Teaching and developing the athletes
  • National team – about results and winning
  • 3 months stop because of COVID
  • “they use the boat like they use the bike” ….Giovanni’s philosophy on developing younger rowers and their skill set.

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