Episode 114: Eskild Ebbessen: Finding Speed

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In Episode #114 of the LEO Training Podcast, I interview triple olympic gold medalist Eskild Ebbessen.

Eskild Ebessen won three olympic gold medals, 2 bronze medals, 6x world champion, and 19 world cup gold medals. In 2013 he was awarded the Thomas Keller Medal by World Rowing and named to the Danish Sports Hall of Fame in January 2017.

This interview will take you through Eskild’s career and how he continued to find speed. Enjoy the show!

Interview Topics:

  • How you go started in rowing and career
    • Earliest result was 1990 Junior Worlds. How did you begin rowing? I watched your 2012 interview with World Rowing and you said you rowed at a club for 2 years before you competed and it started off as a social endeavor. Were you just trying to make friends?
    • You said it was a “natural choice”
    • Lead up from 1992-1996 Atlanta Olympics.
    • 97-99 World Champions and in 2000 Sydney Olympics Paulson had a knee injury.
    • 2004 – Starboard stroked LM4-
      • Retired after Athens but returns in 2007?
    • 2008 – Port Stroked LM4-
      • Returned in 2011

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