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Ep 111 | Pat Rufo: DISC Assessment

Episode 111: Pat Rufo – DISC Assessment

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In Episode #111 of the LEO Training Podcast, I interview strength and conditioning and rowing coach, Pat Rufo.

Pat’s company, RUFO OPTIMAL WORKOUTS®  was established in 2011 to serve as an athletic consulting company for all types of athletes (especially rowers!) and clients of all ages and abilities.

The goal has been to fill the “gaps” in their training and mindset. Pat has been a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer since 2007 and has been involved in rowing, sculling, and coaching since 1996!

His passion is to help his athletes, coaches, and clients believe in themselves and their mission. In addition, he assists parents with understanding their child’s strengths and behaviors that work best for them.

One final note: This interview was originally recorded in 2018. Since then Pat has continued to evolve his approach and philosophy focusing more on team dynamics, coach/athlete relationships, performance cues and separating “athlete self” from “real self”.

Pat and I will be doing a second interview later this spring to update you all on what he has learned as well as what has changed.

With that let’s roll to the interview. Enjoy the show!


Interview Topics:

  • Pat’s philosophy and approach to training
  • DISC and Profiling: what is it? How can it help? How does it tie into performance and behavior? How you integrate this into your work with athletes and teams?
  • Joe’s DISC profile – Rowing at GW, SFB and, SFG II
  • Profiling collegiate, professional and elite athletes

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