Episode 138 | Dr. Tony Rice – Athlete Monitoring & Training Individualization

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  • Background and involvement with rowing.
    • Phys education background.
  • Areas of research interest
  • Current role with Rowing Australia and how this has evolved over time.


Part 1

  • Athlete Monitoring
    • Unique challenges at the high performance level and why rowing has some unique nuances
    • What metrics or biomarkers do you track and how?
      • HRV, HR, blood lactate, sRPE, 
    • How do you do this with a large team of athletes?
    • While we take a multifactorial approach when evaluating the data, are there particular areas you may pay attention to or focus upon?
    • T2 Method – share its background

Part 2 

  •  Training Model & Individualization
    • How would you characterize the training model of Rowing Australia?
      • Polarized, threshold, HIIT, other??
    • How much of the training programme is individualized for each athlete?
    • Do you individualize the warm-up before a 2000-meter ergometer time trial? For example, taking a max effort for 30-60’ to prime the anaerobic system?
    • Do you take into an account an athlete’s inherent physiological strengths and weaknesses or does the athlete have to fit into the training model?