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David Young is the strength and conditioning coach for Rowing Australia Women’s Team. David and I sit down to discuss athletic development and how to teach rowing athletes the fundamentals for strength and conditioning who may be brand new to the weight room!  We also discuss how he and the Australian team structures their training with three gym sessions and two core sessions per week!

Part 1 | David’s Bio and background

  • How did you come to work with the Women’s Team?

Part 2 | Training and Progressions

  • Framework for Rowing Australia in regards to S&C is following goals:
    • Robustness and injury prevention
    • Improve movement efficiency of the rowing stroke
    • Athletic development
  • The Drive Extended: S&C Video on YouTube
    • Key Message #1) Build Movement Competence Before Load. Technique 1st, Load 2nd!
    • Junior Rowing Benchmarks
    • Key Message #2) Balance your resistance training program
      • Primal Patterns: Squat, Lunge and Step Up, Single Leg Squat, Hip Hinge, Upper Body Pushing, Upper Body Pulling
      • Explosive Movements: Med Ball Throws and Plyometrics
    • Key Message #3) Challenge Trunk Musculature
      • Why it’s important to focus on abdominals, lower back, gluteals, scapular stabilizers
      • Categorizing Core Movements: Anti-Extension, Anti-Flexion, Anti-Lateral Flexion, Anti-Rotation, and Rotation
  • 3 Lifting Sessions and 2 Core Sessions Per week
    • Is this year round or does it fluctuate throughout the year?
    • What do you emphasize in the core sessions?

Show Notes: