For the past two weeks Portugal has been on a country wide lockdown – like many other countries around the world during the COVID-19 Pandemic. High performance athletes across all sports and ages are grappling with a common problem: How do I continue to train and get in quality work that will produce the adaptation necessary for continued progress?

Almost all of us are in a similar situation at the moment. We are required to be at home during the COVID-19 pandemic to execute social distancing and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Many of us no longer have access to a gym and may not even have equipment at home.

I’ve written this blog article to directly address this problem. I will present two programs. The exercises will be the same. One will be with minimal equipment – dumbbells, kettlebells, bands. The second will be exclusively bodyweight. Regardless of your situation you now have options to train at home whether a junior, masters, or high performance rower.

Given that the USA high school and collegiate seasons as well as the entire international seasons have been cancelled the following program is written with the intent to be having athletes return to their base building period. Essentially we are looking at this as the offseason and a wonderful opportunity to develop a massive aerobic base and do some threshold work given the long ramp up to spring racing season and Olympics.

Each session will follow the following format in terms of progression:

  • Power
  • Strength
    • Upper Body
    • Lower Body
    • Core

Here is a link to the program:

Minimalist Program (In Portuguese)

A huge thank you to my colleague Bruno Rodrigues for putting this document together. Daniel Moedas, physiotherapist of the Portuguese Swimming Federation created the original framework of this document. It’s great to see us all coming together to help one another during this challenging time.

Minimalist Program (In English)

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Stay safe and healthy!