This month’s content roundup is action packed!

🗣📹Strength & Conditioning for the Masters Rower

  • I had the opportunity to present this webinar for USRowing. A big thank you to my colleague Will Ruth for making this introduction. This presentation focused on two areas: reviewing relevant research to the masters rower and providing applications/solutions in their training programs.

🎤🎧 Episode 119 | Lotte Lintmeijer: Power in Rowing

  • Lotte Lintmeijer has spent the last several years researching power in rowing. In this interview she discusses her PhD thesis and how the traditional method was flawed and inaccurate.

🎤🎧 Episode 120 | Erin McConnell: Injury Rehabilitation for the Masters Rower

  • A fantastic companion to the webinar I did. While I covered strength and conditioning, Erin covers injuries and rehabilitation strategies to keep you healthy and training at your best!

🎤🎧 Episode 121 | John Kiely: Periodization Paradigms and Stress Theory

  • This is a must listen for coaches and athletes. John Kiely is both coach and teacher. In this interview John peels back the layers around periodization and stress theory. By learning its original purpose and intent – periodization was never intended for sport – it makes us question if there is a better approach we can take for our athletes and ourselves.

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I am going to take you around the globe and you will learn from the best rowing strength and conditioning coaches in the world!


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