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Clients of LEO Training

“I’ve been working with Joe at LEO Training for a long time. He’s creative, smart, and really gets what I’m trying to do with my rowing athletes. As a long-time coach myself I really mean it when I say, ‘I’m glad he’s on my team!’”

Mike Davenport, Max Rigging

“Joe has been an invaluable addition to our coaching team. His approach is both practical and deeply informed. Joe’s experience as an oarsman allows him to effectively communicate to our athletes and his cutting edge knowledge of all that is gym work directly translates to the speed and resilience of our athletes.”

Michael D'Eredita, Portuguese Rowing Federation

“I have known Joe DeLeo since coaching him as a club athlete during his collegiate rowing days at GWU.  Joe has created something special  with LEO Training – through which he has married his considerable competitive experience, his drive to learn and to improve with his gift to engage and educate.  Joe worked with my high school women teaching the basic movement of the hip hinge and how it applies to rowing.  In addition, I have incorporated his dynamic mini-band warm up into our daily routine and we apply his techniques and principles in the weightroom.  I can say with certainty that we are faster for it!”

Kirk Shipley, Whitman Crew

How I helped a rowing coach avoid an unnecessary back surgery and reclaim his health and fitness. Pain and Injury. They are life changing… but not a life sentence. Have you had a serious injury from sport? If so, then this is a story you can relate to. I met Matthew George in the fall of 2017. Matt had suffered a serious back injury during a training session and had ruptured a disc in his back.

He experienced radiating pain down his leg and it affected his work, sleep, and quality of life. Although he worked with many different therapies and clinicians he was unable to make progress and experienced a great deal of frustration and several setbacks. By February of 2018, after little to no progress from therapy it was recommended he get surgery to correct his back pain.

Matt and I spoke one week before his scheduled surgery. What was very interesting to me was that he was not in pain all the time. He experienced it with certain movements, loads, and postures. In fact, there were points where he had no pain at all. I was convinced based on his feedback and after an in person evaluation utilizing the McGill Method that I could help Matthew.

How? We identified his pain triggers and I provided him a program that focused on proper movement pattern execution and daily practice of the McGill Big 3.

I am happy to share that within a week Matt felt so much better that he made the decision to cancel the surgery. Slowly but surely his pain wound down and he was able to integrate more activity and training back into his life. Fast forward a year later he is pain free and is back rowing, running, and training with kettlebells. I started LEO Training to become the resource for strength and conditioning for the sport of rowing and to help athletes build injury resilience and improve their athleticism. I create content and share my knowledge to help the rowing community live healthier lives while improving their performance.